Real Estate

So you found a home that you love and can't wait to move in--what are the next steps? 


1. Hopefully your REALTOR has already told you to have a pre-approval for your mortgage (by the way, you can't make an offer on a home without one)! 

2. Call different mortgage companies for the best rates and start the mortgage process! Gather your credit report, financial and employment documents. 

3. Hire a real estate attorney. They will navigate the process with you along with your REALTOR.

4. Proceed with your Home Inspection (Radon, Lead Paint, Termites, Wood Destroying insects, plumbing, electrical, structural items)

4. Make sure that the survey is ordered

5. The title insurance is obtained 

6. Your appraisal will be ordered by the mortgage company

7. Shop around for Home Owner's Insurance 

8. Interview moving companies! Do they also provide storage facilities if necessary?

9. Obtain your Closing Statement before closing day to make sure it's correct! 

10. Walk Through the home to make sure all inspection items were addressed!

11. Closing Day--Get your keys! Congratulations!


Call me for more information. I'm happy to review the entire process to make it as smooth as possible! With me by your side, it's as easy as S-O-L-D!