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Tips for a successful home remodel!

1. Plan Ahead--what do you have in mind: do your research and stay in your budget

2. Be a Good Client--don't just sit back and watch the work being done. Be involved to make sure it's exactly what you want. Check in with your designer, contractor or builder daily or agree on how you prefer to communicate.

3. Get everything in writing and get a construction time-line! Make sure that everything you discussed is in writing. There will be things to didn't think of or items come up that haven't been addressed but be as prepared as you can be.

4. Remodeling is exciting but there's also a lot of frustration as you encounter unexpected snags, delays, and the inevitable inconveniences that come from living in a construction zone. 

5. It can't get much worse than living without a kitchen for weeks on end. Minimize inconvenience by setting up a temporary one away from the construction area. Include a refrigerator and microwave oven, so you can continue to make light meals at home. We have a toaster, microwave and blender in the master bedroom!

6. Communicate effectively with your contractor!

7. Pack away valuables!


Have fun with it but be prepared! If you have any stories to share or a great tip to share, please let me know!