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OK! You've listed your home which means that you've already been through cleaning, de-cluttering, staging, etc... ALL the necessary steps that your REALTOR has helped you through! NOW is the next step in selling your home--NEGOTIATING PRICE AND HOME INSPECTION ISSUES! 

The sales price will be based on many issues--market value, inventory, comparables (similar to how the list price was set). It's a negotiating process and there is a meeting of the minds to come to an agreement between seller and buyer. After this is done, the home inspection process is a entirely different set of negotiations! 

Hopefully, you've listened to your REALTOR to repair exiting issues and have made sure your home is in the best condition possible. A Home Inspector will go through your home and make notes of possible issues, condition of the home and what might need repairs. THIS IS WHERE YOU NEED GOOD NEGOTIATING SKILLS! Similar to your own business, stay sharp, smart and listen. Since selling your home is extremely personal, please listen to your REALTOR and attorney. Do not be hasty and try not to take anything personal. Take some time to think about what the buyer would like you to address and how you want to handle it.

Sometimes it's an easy fix, sometimes they want money at closing so they can repair it at a later date and sometimes you really don't need to do anything since the sales price reflects the condition of the home.

Just be careful and make wise decisions. Most importantly, don't re-open a closed issue! If you've already addressed an issue with money or repairs--stick to it! That's why it's important to do your homework first!

Be timely but be informed! For example, if a buyer wants the front cement steps repaired--get a few estimates so you know how much it should cost. Maybe it's in your best interest to do the repair so you're in control of the costs. Maybe you'd rather get an estimate and offer it to the buyer at closing since you're busy with packing and moving and you don't want the hassle of the repairs. Either way, ask your REALTOR and attorney for their advise before you make a decision! Remember there are no dumb questions and take the time to ASK!

You're on the road to your closing date so let's take the time to negotiate that makes the process a little smoother for you!

Feel free to contact me! I will take the time to explain the nuances of negotiating sales price and inspection issues to you!