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Do you think neutral colors are boring? We are going to debunk the myth that bold is better. Of course, there is always room for pops of color in your life, but there are a lot of good reasons to stick with a neutral color scheme for your interior design. White and grey neutral walls (which are very popular right now) allow a room to seem larger, more airy, clean and welcoming.  These neutral colors work with any style or range of taste, allowing prospective home buyers to envision their own furnishings in the space. 

Neutral colors are also great options for modern, traditional and contemporary interiors, allowing the architectural elements of your design to take center-stage.  Plus, if you get bored of your neutral backdrop, then you simply add a few inexpensive, brightly-colored cushions.  Proving, that neutral is anything but boring, rather it is for the savvy home designer that loves keeping their options open. For example, in the Spring and Summer you can add brightly colored pillows and in the Autumn and Winter, bring out the warmer/cooler shades. Adding pops of color to the neutral palate brings the design element you need to attract buyers to your home.

So there you have it, neutral color schemes are the ideal choice for any interior style statement. Use neutral colors in your home to ensure that you never grow tired of your design choices, thereby creating a classic home that never gets old. The neutral backdrop allows your home's features and characteristics to become the focus of your home. Buyers really need to see the details and not be distracted by loud and overpowering colors.

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