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I love my social media--seeing my friends' photos of their kids, vacations and memorable moments! Over the past several weeks, it's been graduation time for college students and high school seniors. As we share these wonderful moments with our friends and family--are we left as Empty Nesters? Is it time to think about downsizing our homes and de-cluttering our stuff?

I get calls from clients and friends asking when is the right time to move to a smaller home and how do we even start the process? I can share with you what to start thinking about and how to begin the journey. Start a list! Where are you planning on moving to--staying in the area or moving down the shore perhaps? I can help you narrow down choices of other towns to move to within your parameters. We can look together for another home to get you excited about the next chapter in your lives. If you can plan the next piece, then packing up your home will be easier. 

Think about what you want to take with you and what should be given away or thrown away. You might want to take an antique piece of furniture with you but you can throw out the 30 year old sofa. What about your kids 100 trophies? A friend of mine kept a few and took photos of the rest and made a nice shadow box as a keepsake. Organize your important things and start to de-clutter your home. Frame a few special finger-paintings and file the rest away or take photos of them and throw the rest away. LegacyBox is an online company that compiles your photos, videos, etc on a thumb drive or disk. It's a great way to keep your treasures organized and safe. 

It is an unusual time in life when the past 20-30 years were spent raising your family, now it's time for a little or big change. 

I can help you on the journey. We can talk about it anytime! Give me a call!