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How to Buy Appliances

Whether you need new appliances for your home now or you're replacing one to two when it's time to sell your home--you need to do your homework. The article attached is very helpful when researching appliances and what to look out for. Even shopping for a new washer/dryer can be daunting now a days. Maytag, Whirlpool, Samsung, GE, white, silver or even red! You may know that several machines are made by the same company with slight variations. What size machine do you need or want--how big is your family and how big is the size of your laundry room? YES! Even though you many want the bigger size they sell, your space may not allow it! Always keep a measuring tape with you and know your space size! At the end of the day, you need to wash clothes--so be mindful!

One big tip I can give you is that many companies give discounts for buying their products as a group or set. If you buy the refrigerator and cooktop, they give you a free dishwasher and microwave (for example)! Be on the look out for great deals too--it may be your best option to buy the package deal. This way, your kitchen will look really great and buyers love that too! I had a client who really needed to replace her dishwasher and stove. When she went shopping, she found that they had a sale to replace ALL the appliances for the same price as just purchasing the two she needed. So when we listed her home--buyers loved that they had ALL NEW Stainless appliances! She sold her home very quickly too! 

Do your research--Do you want the Wolf or Viking cooktop? Do you want the Subzero refrigerator? Is the GE or LG sufficient for you? Do you know the difference between counter-depth and built-in? Are you a gourmet chef or someone who loves to bake? It also depends on the price of your home when selling too. If you have the million dollar home, you may require the appliances that brings the cachet of the higher end appliances! The same thing goes when buying a home--look for the value in the home! Value determines price! 

Feel free to contact me so we can discuss this or ask me what I see in the marketplace.