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Do you like dry rub or a savory sauce? Do you slow cook for that tender meat? OMG! My mouth is watering! Ribs, brisket, steak, chicken....oh my!

What are your favorite recipes? Do you cedar plank grill your salmon? There are tons of ideas on websites for great party ideas too! What are your favorite side dishes? I still love corn on the cob and potato salad but there are so many other delicious recipes to try. Honey, soy sauce chicken wings! Slow cooked pulled pork or pulled chicken on mini rolls! Beef Skewers! you can go crazy with all the recipes ideas! I love sangria for the adults and pink lemonade for the kids or kids at heart!

The classic red checked table cloth and lemonade or do you spice it up a notch with shabby chic decor and fruity cocktails? Go to your local art store to stock up on mini metal pails to serve your condiments or small glasses to serve dessert! How about fruit ice pops or flavored iced cubes?

Do you have fun games for the kids and adults to play or just turn on the sprinklers? 

The best advice is to make it easy and simple--friends and family make the occasion! Enjoy the summer time and enjoy your company!

I can even help you find your special home before the summer ends so you can have an outdoor party by Labor Day!