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Interesting History in Westfield, New Jersey


Real Estate has always intrigued me by the beautiful homes, the quaint towns of New Jersey and especially the history and local traditions and customs. One such interesting fact is that the beginning of the famous TV show, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, started in Westfield. I've attached a link to a YouTube video that explains the origins of THE ADDAMS FAMILY. You can find several amazing facts of how this famous show was started and how the writer came up with the story of this creepy and fascinating family. Did you know that this famous writer came from this small town? Did you know that the little cemetery across from The The Presbyterian Church was part of his inspiration for his stories? Charles Addams went on to be one of the countries most famous cartoonists and he also worked for The New Yorker Magazine for over 30 years. 

Next time you drive down a beautiful street with homes that have beautiful architecture, you should think about what inspires you! And, maybe think about the lives of the people who grew up there and what accomplishments they achieved. Famous people come from all over! 

Ask me about other interesting people who have lived in Westfield!