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Cute ways to use empty jars and containers! 

1. Use empty jars to serve fruity cocktails & Summer punch. Serving drinks out of empty jam jars is very popular at the moment -- backyard BBQs, kids parties. Make your own fruity lemonade and share the recipe! They look really cute and cheerful, and make anything look more appetizing. Serve with a retro umbrella and tie some ribbon around the neck for added bonus.

2. Don't have any ramekins to make individual desserts? Grab those sterilized jam jars and make home made trifles or other no-bake desserts. Layer your favorite treats and give out as gifts.

3. Keep your screws and nails organized by storing them in empty glass jars. You could even super glue the top of the lids to your garage shelves to save precious space.

4. Avoid plastic bags and fill jam jars up with sweets, tiny toys and other party favorites.

5. Fill your jam jars with colored sand and create your own jar of sand art. Pre-colored sand is available at most craft shops and online retailers like Amazon. It's a great after school activity for kids and adults! 

6. The simplest idea is to put a few beautiful flowers in the jars and add a pretty ribbon. 

7. Add some sand and seashells or glass beads to jars! DIY accessories!

Try these ideas or let me know how you use empty jars for a great DIY!