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Real Estate

When it's time to buy or sell, we get very excited about getting to the finish line but there is much to do beforehand. We find a house or 10 we want to see with a Realtor--we find a Realtor--we look at a zillion homes and then we find one we love--then what?

In my experience, it's really best to review any contract--Listing Agreement, Sales Contract--with your agent before you start the house hunting or selling process! Being informed and understanding the process makes then entire transaction much smoother for everyone involved. It's not that it's difficult but it is intricate and involves many moving parts. So at the beginning of the process you will know what to expect and you can ask your Realtor to explain it all upfront so there are no surprises on the horizon. 

When buying your home--there are many moving parts and there is a timeline for each piece. 7 days allowed for this, 10 days allowed for that and much more! Inspections that are absolutely necessary and there may be additional inspections that you will need if you have a pool or find something unusual in the home. Asbestos, for example may or may not require an additional inspection. Is there an underground oil tank that needs to be removed?

And selling your home--what do I do with my pet when there's a showing? Do I have to stage my home? What happens if I get more than one offer? 

You need to be informed before the journey begins! Ask you Realtor to meet and review what's going to happen and also the "what ifs." And, the smallest detail is important--how do you like to communicate with your Realtor? Do you want a call everyday with updates or is a text sufficient? Would you prefer an email? 

Understanding what to expect makes the entire transaction a bit more comforting once you know what's around the corner.

You'll be glad you did!