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Top 7 Tips for Hiring a Contractor
Regardless of whether your project is a simple bathroom remodel or a complete house
renovation, the success or failure of the project will depend on the contractor you hire.
Choosing the right contractor is easier than you think, but you have to do your due diligence.

• Check their License – Make sure you check their contractor’s license and that it’s in
good standing. Ask and check those of the subcontractors as well.
• Insurance – Ask for proof of insurance and check that it’s still active and valid.
• Check References – Ask for references and call them. Ask to go see a project or two and
ask strong questions about timing, quality, responsiveness and cost.
• Get it In Writing – Finalize the scope of work before you start anything, in writing. A
proper contract should be on letterhead and include clear timelines and benchmarks, as
well as payment schedules and how completion will be signed off.
• Do not Pay for Materials – If you absolutely have to pay for materials, have them
delivered to your property and verify the receipt to show they were delivered in full.
• Only Pay the Contractor – Under no circumstances should you make a payment to
anyone other than the contractor itself. Do not pay a person, only the company.
• Final Payment only When Satisfied – Do not make the final payment until you’re
completely satisfied with the result.